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A point of sale is a fairly complex structure and for organizing it one must consider a lot of details.The entry spot, the size and position of the corridors, the customer flow, all these are elements one must consider when designing a store. It is an entire discipline, that starts from the blueprints of our planners, continues with logistics and it is being implemented by our mounting teams. All this can be summarized as: shop-fitting

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The in-store communication is the key element in the marketing strategy of a retailer. Starting from the price labels, special offers, promotions and continuing with stoppers or ambiental prints, all are produced in our premises and delivered in stores around Romania and Europe.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


We take an initial design concept or advertising brief and convert this into a practical and innovative display. The fact that dozens of companies from FMCG, the market leaders on various product categories, are working with us for years is the result of our experience, gained with thousands of implemented projects.

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In-store branding solutions that engage, excite and energize sales. We know that it is very important to get your products to stand out, especially in multi-brand shops where your brand is competing with others. Throughout the years we have designed and produced many different types of displays. We can provide anything from simple pallet wraps to complex shop in shop displays made from a wide range of materials.